Project 1 NYCTALOPIA CO-OP Survival horror A devil outbreak occurs in a hospital during the midnight shift of a Doctor, who is also the protagonist.

Darkness starts to prevail in the hospital rooms. The doctor, because of a strange disease called Nyctalopia, can't adapt to the low brightness. He can only use his hearing to navigate through the hospital wards.

The second player controls the security officer during the devil outbreak inside the Security Camera Room.

Now locked inside the surveillance room, his only ability is to watch through the CCTV cameras and help the doctor find the exit. He can switch through the cameras and send audio and visual cues by interacting with the environment.

The two players must cooperate to overcome all the obstacles and horrors waiting in the hospital wards.

Nyctalopia is a game of collaboration and trust.
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Project 1 SKARAMAZUZU 2D Adventure | Story driven Skaramazuzu is an atmospheric 2D slow-paced, story-driven novel adventure, which is taking place in a moody, solemn and mysterious landscape.

The protagonist, Zuzu a joyful and innocent soul without any memory, has been summoned by an unseeing Master to discover the meaning of its own existence.

Zuzu will meet some strange and whimsical personalities who offer to help during his mysterious journey.

The world of Skaramazuzu, has a unique aesthetic of a black and white shadow puppet world, set among the ruins of ancient gothic-like structures, while engulfed in a moody and subdued pale ghost light.

The game is a co-production with Bleeding Moon Studio.

Project 1 ASTOPANOMOU 2D Serious Games Astopanomou - has been a sizeable corporate project for a leading local telecommunications company.

We developed three exclusive games, aiming to entertain the staff and allow the leadership to communicate important messages related to their organisational values.

Moreover, following the given story and the character prototypes, we further developed the heroes and villains' graphics.

The creation of an exceptional experience for all the staff was an exciting adventure.

Corporate games are becoming increasingly important for organisations because they can significantly improve staff motivation, communication and engagement. It is a beautiful way to combine staff development, knowledge, entertainment while conveying desired messages.

Games can make a difference.